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What is medical weight loss?



What is it?

You may hear our team talking about our “medical weight loss” programs.  Well, what exactly is “medical” weight loss?  To boil it down, medical weight loss is not surgical weight loss.  In otherwords the patient would be enrolling in a program that doesn’t involve a surgical procedure, or any procedure of any kind.


Typically medical weight loss means that a physician (or in some cases a nurse practitioner) will be supervising a patient through a course of treatment with some sort of medication that helps suppress the appetite.  These medications are called “anorectics.”  At JourneyLite Physicians, a registered dietitian will be involved in the care of the patient as well.

The patient will come in for monthly visits (these medications cannot be prescribed with phone or video visits) and see a provider and a dietitian, where they will be assessed and, if doing well, given a prescription to last them until their next visit which is usually 4 weeks later.

The initial consultation at JourneyLite Physicians is $199, and follow-up visits are $99.  These visits are typically not covered by insurance, but if you have an HSA you usually can use that to pay for your visits and medications.

Monthly medication costs can run anywhere from $10 to $150 depending on the medication that the patient chooses, which is usually determined at the initial consultation.

JourneyLite Physicians offers medical weight loss programs at all four of our locations:  Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky.  In order to be eligible to enroll in our medical weight loss program you must not have had any prescription appetite suppressants within the past six months.  For more information or to request a consultation just click here!

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